Dermaheal is Lamelle’s powerful age correction tool and has been awarded the Nobel Prize Winner for cutting edge patented technology, i.e. Growth Factors and Cytokines signaling. Growth factors are natural substances in the body that cells use to communicate with each other to produce more healthy cells and stimulate skin cells to manufacture more of the unique “skin structures” that each cell needs, to maintain a healthy skin function. Cytokines are proteins that will “tell” cells how to behave and when they need to “switch inflammation on or off”, which is essential for optimal skin functioning.

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In simple terms, Lamelle’s unique and advanced technology has introduced a potent communication process between cells so that they will respond to maintain healthy skin.

With this cutting-edge patented technology and other powerful ingredients, Dermaheal tackles all aging signs including lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, poor complexion, rough skin texture and photo-aging and treats all 3 root causes of aging, i.e.

  1. Cells become inactive as we age – growth factors activate cell activity.
  2. As we age, unbalanced enzymes break down the structure of the skin – powerful inhibitors block destructive enzyme activity.
  3. Chronic Inflammaging deteriorates cells – cytokines prevent chronic inflammation.

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