Serra Skincare products for dry and sensitive skin.

Your lipid bilayer is the outer waxy layer of your skin which has two purposes: It protects the skin against dust, radiation, pollutants, bacteria, and all other impurities that will have access to your skin, and secondly, it locks in your skin’s natural moisture.

Due to various factors, your lipid bilayer often gets damaged and your skin will try and repair itself, but if this fight is not successful it means you have an impaired lipid bilayer.

Your skin will continue fighting back by employing inflammation, impurity fighting, and healing properties, however with no barrier to protect it, the battle becomes constant and the result is red, inflamed, tender, sensitive, and dry skin. You could even experience dry skin with constant breakouts.

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The Serra range contains a proprietary ingredient called Ceramide – P and is the “First and Only Skincare Range that Exactly Mimics the skin’s structure and function of the Lipid Bi-layer” and replaces it in the short term.

It also stimulates the body’s rate of own Ceramide – P production to reverse the damage and restore the skin’s natural lipid bilayer in the long term.

Serra calms any inflammation caused by the impaired barrier and inhibits inflammatory responses and contains the most advanced ingredients to effectively treat dry and sensitive skin, restoring the skin barrier and improving symptoms of itching and uncomfortable skin.

In summary, Serra steps in and fills the “gaps” in your skin barrier, restoring it to lock in moisture and protect from damage and stimulates your body to produce more of its natural lipids, helping your body rebuild the lipid bilayer. While it is helping your body heal the skin barrier, Serra also delivers vital hydration and skin-soothing ingredients.

Assuming that your lipid bilayer is impaired, is a safe assumption – so starting with Serra to prepare your “Canvas” would usually be our recommendation before continuing to the next level.