The odd pimple and breakout can become a chronic skin condition that affects up to 85% of people at various stages of life, although it is most prominent during puberty and often continues into adulthood.

This condition is referred to as a problematic skin as its broad spectrum and can include anything from blackheads, congestion, the odd pimple to full, mild or moderate inflamed acne conditions, plus your skin can also just be very oily and sensitive.

Since problem skins are either genetic or result due to hormonal fluctuations, the treatment protocol is aimed at maintaining the skin, rather than “removing” the problem.

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Four main factors in the skin contribute to acne and the formation of pimples:

  1. Under the influence of hormones, there is an overproduction of oil (sebum) in the hair follicle
  2. Improper shedding (exfoliation) of dead skin cells blocks hair follicles
  3. The blocked follicle can see an increase in the growth of bacteria, resulting in possible infection.
  4. With the infection in the blocked follicle, your immune system activates an inflammatory response, increasing inflammation resulting in an acne scar.

Lamelle has developed the Clarity range which addresses all four the factors of problematic skin, normalizing the skin’s ability to shed, reducing the overproduction of oil (sebum), decreasing the levels of bacteria, and reducing the inflammation in the gland.

Combined with the long-term use of Acnevelle Plus, the anti-inflammatory natural oral therapy which supports your skin from the inside, Clarity is a revolutionary range for problem skins, seeing an 88% improvement of inflammatory acne lesions in approximately 8 weeks.