Depilève is the global benchmark in professional waxing systems, combining the best cosmetic treatments with cutting-edge technology and the most precise methodology for all skin types and body areas.

With Depilève, you will enjoy the peace of mind that goes hand in hand with working alongside the world’s number one in waxing, enhancing the comfort and effectiveness of each treatment thanks to the specific products for home use that improve the results of every professional waxing session.

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Depilève Folisan

  • Relieves ingrown hairs and irritation that causes razor bumps.
  • Produces a surface exfoliation that allows the hair to break through the skin without obstruction.
  • Ideal home product to be used in conjunction with Waxing and Laser Hair Removal (included in Canvas Aesthetics treatment protocols)
  • Available in two sizes, 150ml, ideal for larger areas and Intimate 8ml with a roll-on applicator for those hard to reach areas.

Depilève Hair Inhibitor

  • Weakens hair and slows down hair growth.
  • Contains Liquorice Root Extract – latest ingredient for hair retardation.
  • Ideal home product to be used post -epilation.
  • Available in a 10ml concentrate for small areas that also moisturises the skin and a 200ml mousse for larger areas which has a dual purpose of weakening hair growth, but also produces a refreshing and relaxing feeling on heavy, tired legs.

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